January 18, 2021


Enlightening the World with Quranic Teachings

Download Free Hafizi Al Quran Al Kareem 16 Lines Taj Company in pdf single file It’s better link to download The Quran in single file.

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To Download Free Click at the link/links below
It’s Good link to download The Quran in single file.

          It is responsibility of Muslim parents to impart authentic Islamic knowledge in their children. Proper recitation, by following the Tajweed rules, Tafseer, and Holy Hadith are the tools to make a child, a knowledgeable Muslim. It is hard to find good source of religious knowledge in Non-Muslim states. Therefore, online Quran teaching has become the most feasible way for this.
E Learningholyquran provides you an opportunity to learn the rules of Tajweed that is better for your kids, adults and new muslims to lead their lives according to the Islamic rules. Now students of any age in any country can learn to recite Quran at their own schedule and time table. Parents can now watch their children learning Holy Quran in front of their eyes. We understand the importance of recitation of the Quran in daily life and thus encourage Muslims all over to make it a regular habit! For this, we endow our Muslim brothers with great teaching facilities with some of the best tutors who pride themselves with a thorough memorization of the entire Quran. Not only this, we also believe that true recitation comes not only with proper pronunciation and etiquette but also in understanding its real meaning. For this, we proffer each and every one with the finest and top most tutors who possess absolute knowledge of the Quran inside Our online Quran tutors equip students with the skill to read the Quran correctly and enhance students to memorize Quran, Salat, Kalimas, Hadeeth and Dua’s. You can do this by just sitting in front of Computer without leaving your home. Tutors and student talk to each other and see the same lesson on their computer screens during the class.
            E Learning Holy Quran is an International Institute for Online Quranic and Islamic Teachings for those who want to equip themselves with education of The Holy Quran and Islam. We have developed an extensive curriculum for learning Quran and basic Islamic education. elearningholyquran.com is newly established having initial aim to constitute qualified tutors team that can better serve people belonging to all segments of society who wants to read and understand Quran with Translation at an affordable remuneration. We are committed to provide you highest quality and international standard of Education. http://elearningholyquran.com/

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