January 18, 2021


Enlightening the World with Quranic Teachings

It is the best trade to equip our children with Islamic Education of Quran and Other Necessary Routine wise things like Salaah, Kalimas and Short Suras of The Holy Quran. We know if we provide our kids proper basic Islamic Knowledge and information, it would be a great reward for us in This World and in Hereafter. So, there are numerous Institutions which are providing the Services regarding Teachings of Quran and Islam online. E Learning Holy Quran also is one of these Institutions.
E Learning Holy Quran has expert Muslim Teachers to teach the Quran to you or your kids, with Tajweed Rules and other Islamic teachings with the help of authentic sources. These Teachers are Scholars of Traditional Islamic Rational Sciences and also having Degrees of Modern Education from University. They have knowledge about Applied Sciences like Arabic/Persian/Urdu and English Grammar, Logic, Philosophy, Mathematics, Algebra, Tajweed-o-Qirat of The Holy Quran, Translation and Commentary of The Holy Quran and Hadith with its Meanings.
It is very easy to Sign Up with us and to start the lessons. A Student requires a computer/laptop and internet connection to begin with us. We use Skype Software to talk and Team viewer Software to share the screen of Teacher to show the lesson to the student. We welcome students of all ages from 4 years to onwards. 

            Online Quran Learning has some features which make it better than offline Services.
1.      Saving of Time
2.      Saving of Travel
3.      One on One classes
4.      Personal Teacher for each Student
5.      Learning before the eyes of Parents
6.      Knowing that who is teaching your kids
7.       Make Up class in case of missed lessons
8.       Progress report at each goal
9.       Responsible Administration
History of Institute
E Learning Holy Quran was launched in January 2012. It has achieved many goals with respect to equip its students throughout these 4 years. Let us mention below progress report of a few of our shining stars who have studied The Holy Quran entirely or memorized something:
First one is Mazin. He is an Urdu speaking boy (Pakistani native in Australia). Mazin started learning The Holy Quran with us in April of 2012 and completed it in July of 2013. He was only 5 years old when he started the first lesson of Quran and when he completed it his age was only 6 and half years. During 1 year and two months he studied it entirely. After it, he learned Tajweed Rules from a Tajweed Book, then the translation of last 21 chapters of The Quran, Arabic Grammar and memorized Surah Yasin. Now he is memorizing last Part of Quran. He has learnt last 33 chapters from  Surah al-Takwir to Surah al-Nas.
Rehan has Read The Holy Quran Completely during 1 year and 11 months on the day of July 14, 2015. He is 14 years old. Rehan is a Burmese native in Perth, Western ?Australia. So he speaks English. He started his lessons on Sep 02, 2013. Firstly, he learned Quaidah Book. He also has learnt last 10 chapters of The Quran by heart. Now he is studying ‘Book of Prayer’ with details.
Raffay (a Pakistani native in UAE) has completed his first Para of Hifz (he has learnt 30th part of? The  ?Quran by heart).
Subha (a Bengali native) belongs to ?Perth, ?Western ??Australia. Her Current Lesson is on Surah al-Qasas in Part (juzz) no 20. She has already studied last 2 Parts (29th & 30th) of TheHoly Quran. A few days ago, she finished 19th Part and started 20th. However, this is 22nd Part for her. In Sha Allah, she will read complete Quran up-to end of January 2016.
Our student Abeera (a Pakistani native in Australia) is reading her last part (juzz) of The Holy? Quran. She started her Quaidah book when she was only 4 years old, now she is only 6 and half years old. She started her lessons with us from June 1st, 2013. Her parents wished to equip her in Quranic and Islamic Studies from me (Abdul Razzaq Qadri). Because they were suggested by some family friends towards me, but my schedule was much busy those days. So, her lessons were started by another teacher from the same institute. Firstly, she was taught the Qauidah Book (the basic book) to learn how to read Arabic Text. During her Qauidah lessons she was moved to me. Al-Hamdu-lillah (Praise be to God) during the period of two years, a young fellow has made more than 70% of her job. She will read the entire Quran before the end of September 2015, In Sha Allah.  
From Eastern Australia 4 more students have read their Quran completely. Their names are Rafey, Faaiz, Saaim and Haiqa.
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Written by: Abdul Razzaq Qadri

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