January 18, 2021


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Tyara is one of our bright students residing in Perth, Australia. She started her lessons with us (E Learning Holy Quran) from 30th of January, 2013 with Arabic alphabets in Basic Book. After this book she read last two parts of Quran & 4 and half parts from right side.  At the end of 2013 she had a break for a short while, then came back in beginning of 2014 once again. She has learned Namaz (Salaat) and other necessary stuff about Islam. She also was taught a little bit Arabic grammar & some of the translation(s) of Quranic Text.
She is reading Surah al-Saffaat in part no 23, which is (in fact) 25th part for her. Now, 5 and half parts (out of 30 parts) are left more. Hopefully, she will be able to complete her Quran reading (for first time) at the end of April 2016, In-Sha-Allah.
Tyara has written and shared her experience with us, have a look at the feedback given below:
“Mr Abdul Razzaq Qadri has been my Quaranic Studies teacher for a few years now. This began firstly through the E-Learning Holy Qu’ran website which employed many teachers to teach the Qu’ran to students across the globe despite the company being based in Pakistan. This method proved very convenient and effective in fitting in these lessons with school and so when the company discontinued my parents and I struggled with finding a suitable replacement in terms of teaching abilities and convenience, so when he approached us again saying that he would be continuing his teaching online, we were very happy. During my lessons with Mr Abdul Razzaq Qadri I have not only been able to learn how to correctly pronounce sounds in the Arabic language (a language that I previously did not know how to read or speak) that helps me read more fluently, but also along with reading, I have learnt the meanings and stories behind each page I read. This gives me a purpose in reading the Quran as it helps me learn more in depth about my religion instead of just aimlessly reading something I don’t understand. If I ever need an explanation on a translation I don’t understand, his excellent English skills helps me understand it. I am a student fortunate enough to live in a country like Australia where we have very few Internet issues, and so sometimes we face net issues that occur over there but despite this, he does his best to keep the lessons going and if need be, arranges a suitable time for a make-up lesson which means you get the full value of your money.  Over all he is a very kind teacher who offers constructive criticism and possesses great abilities in teaching.”

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  1. Our Holy Islam teach us lesson of love and kind to each other. Quran is our holy and last book of religious Islam. Quran teach us to spend our life according to Allah,s orders and Muhammad (PBUH), orders. I am doing my duty to teach the Quran to my Islamic brothers. We should must teach and learn Quran to understand the Islam and Allah and his Last prophet of Allah Muhammad (PBUH).

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